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Links list updated: 1/1/2010

African Influence in Modern Dance
(Vogueing is one of many modern expressions with its roots in African dance. From performing at a club in a circle to asymmetrical alignments of the body.)

Bath House John, Hinky Dink & Others: Chicago's History of
Graft and Corruption
by Troy Taylor
(covers the exploits of the Levee District, a scene that eventually gave birth to Chicago Drag Balls)

"Bye Bye Mon Cowboy"
(House remix of Mitsou's video... features real voguer starting at 3:05)

"Come Into My House"
(Queen Latifah's Hip-Hop House Classic, featuring voguers from the Ball Community (b.m.)*, among many other forms of cultural dance)

Chinese Transexual disqualified from Miss Universe contest
(The f**ckers changed their mind)

Chicago Ballroom History
(specific details regarding the first city to garner a "house/vogue" ballroom community outside the East Coast Tri-State area)

Clikque Magazine Archive Photos circa 1996-97
by Lewis Nicholson

"Close to Home": The Organization of the Gay Scene in Harlem
(excerpt from One of the Children: Gay Black Men in Harlem by William G. Hawkeswood regarding Harlem Drag Balls, as well as other aspects of being black and gay in Harlem)

Cut Magazine
(archives of editor Aaron Enigma's Ball/Club/Party Circuit zine during the 90s )

Deep In Vogue (Album Version)
(video featuring vogueing by Willi Ninja and others, b.m.*)

Deep In Vogue (Banjie Realness Extended Version)
(video featuring vogueing by Willi Ninja and others, b.m.*)

Dick Leitsch; Happy New Year to an Old Comrade!
by Jack Nichols
(touches on historical attitudes toward drag balls by gay males)

Drag Balls, Pageants and Festivals
(primarily regarding the Imperial Court System)

Enigma, House of
(the official site for the House of Enigma)

(the annex site for the House of Enigma, featuring video clips and other surprises!)

Female Impersonators: masquerade balls in New York and Chicago
(Ebony Magazine March 1953, feature coverage of the Chicago Finnie and New York Fun Makers Balls)

Florida Ballroom Scene
(regional ball circuit information)

(Jody Watley's video featuring vogueing by Fidel Field, Mohammed Omni etc., b.m.*)

House Links
(a list of houses past and present, and links for those with webpages)

House of Balls
(online forum for the Ballroom Community)

House of Balls Shop
(official online shop for supporters of the Ballroom Community)

House of Latex Ball 2001
by Andrew McCarthy
(a scathing review of the November 2001 event)

"How Do I Look?"
(an Edutainment Docufeature; info on a film currently in production)

"In the Alltogether"
(Article reviewing dance piece, Scott, Queen of Marys, choreographed by Doug Elkins that combines everything from Scottish step dancing to capoeira, featuring Willi Ninja as one of the dancers)

"I've Got You Under My Skin"
(Neneh Cherry's contribution to the Red Hot and Blue CD; features a lone voguer)

"If You Keep It Up"
(House Diva Liz Torres' video features voguers mixed in with the house dancers)

"Jacques Cristion Dies"
by Tracey Baim and Sukie de la Croix
(Chicago Drag Ball Legend obituary and earlier interview)

Legends Ball III
by Andrew McCarthy
(a scathing review of the November 2002 event)

"Legends of the Ball"
by Guy Trebay
(NYC's "Village Voice" article about the ball scene)

Legends, Statements and Stars Magazine
(Now available online through

"Love Saves The Day"
by Tim Lawrence
(DJ David DePino explains the "birth of vogueing" a la Paris Dupree)

"Making a Change: A House of Our Own"
by Kenyon Farrow
(balls create safe spaces for queer youth of color)

Queer Heritage: an Historic Timeline - The 1920s
by Aaron Rush
(early gay history, pre-Stonewall)

"Q Lines People Behind The Headlines- Soulfully Yours, Ebony"
by Sukie de la Croix

(Drag performer Ebony Carr's look at life during the early Chicago Ball days)

"Sally's Hideaway"
by Brian Lantelme

(a history and pictorial
of a legendary drag show bar)

"The Slap of Love"
by Michael Cunningham
(in depth, regarding some Legendary House Mothers that have passed on)

"The Social Geography of Washington, D.C.’s
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Community"

by Mark Meinke
(covers 1920s to 1990s, and mentions where Avis Penda'vis got started)

"Still A Thrill"
(Jody Watley's video featuring Tyrone Proctor vogueing and "whacking", b.m.*)

" 'Straight' Navy's Style Crosses Into Bizarre" by Richard Roeper
(are they throwing balls in the Navy?)
(online forum for the Ballroom Community)

"Waltz Darling"
(video featuring vogueing by Willi Ninja and others, b.m.*)

Willi Ninja Tribute
(this man single-handedly was THE premier WORLD ambassador of Vogueing. He will be missed, but his LEGACY lives on! Anytime you can have straight boys "vogueing femme" at your memorial in a public display of homage and respect, you have left your indelible mark!)


*Before Madonna.


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